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Southwest Aluminum is advanced in benchmarking, tapping potential and increasing efficiency


2022-03-16 15:00

In 2021, Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Southwest Aluminum) closely focused on the main line of value management and all factor benchmarking, selected advanced enterprises in the industry as benchmarking objects, selected 33 key improvement indicators, and the completion rate reached more than 80%, which added a strong boost to production, operation, reform and development.
Southwest Aluminum adheres to the combination of all factor benchmarking with the "double hundred actions" of state-owned enterprise reform, the work plan for improving quality and efficiency, and the promotion of value creation ability. By vigorously carrying out benchmarking improvement projects, Southwest Aluminum focuses on the difficulties of marketing, the blocking points of capacity improvement, the focus of quality improvement and the focus of cost control, Truly transform the gap in indicators into a series of optimization and improvement measures to achieve the purpose of management improvement, index optimization, cost reduction and efficiency increase.
Southwest Aluminum has always focused on the benchmarking of all factors and adhered to the goal orientation, problem orientation and result orientation. Through the implementation of benchmarking improvement measures, the implementation of benchmarking improvement projects and the strengthening of benchmarking process control, Southwest Aluminum has deeply explored the value creation ability of all links of production and operation from top to bottom and from inside to outside, so as to improve the production and supply capacity and capacity utilization, and the key products are ship plate The output of automobile plate increased by 38% and 129% year-on-year respectively; We deepened the yield benchmarking and management benchmarking of key varieties, carried out quality research, and focused on solving the main technical wastes and typical technical problems. The annual yield of the group company increased by 3.25% year-on-year, and the yield of the high-precision plate and belt division increased by 2.14% year-on-year; According to the best level in history and the best level in the same industry, 25 energy consumption indicators have been formulated. Through strengthening energy-saving management, strengthening energy-saving supervision and carrying out small-scale transformation, the energy cost of the group company has been reduced by 24.55 million yuan in the whole year; Through the discussion of "what can I do to catch up with and surpass the benchmark" and the exchange meeting of financial value management, we should establish the concept of value management among all cadres and workers, integrate value creation into all work, and gradually establish a long-term mechanism of value management.

Major events in magnesium industry

2022-01-19 11:39

2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and an extraordinary year for the magnesium industry. Magnesium alloy materials have helped the "tianwen-1" probe successfully land on the surface of Mars, the Tianhe core module enters the space station, the application of magnesium battery materials and magnesium building templates, and the green and low-carbon development of magnesium smelting. The major events of this year's magnesium industry are like knots on a long rope, which string up the flowing time, which is unforgettable and worth remembering for a long time.


Experimental study on vacuum distillation of lead antimony alloy

2022-01-19 11:35

It is of great significance to recycle the lead antimony alloy produced in the smelting and consumption of lead and antimony. In this paper, the saturated vapor pressure, separation coefficient and gas-liquid equilibrium composition diagram of pure lead and pure antimony in the temperature range of 923 ~ 1373 K are calculated. The feasibility of vacuum distillation separation of lead antimony alloy is analyzed from the perspective of thermodynamics.


Nonferrous Metal Industry: strengthening muscles and bones in "jubilant"

2022-01-19 11:29

As an essential basic material and important strategic material for national economic development, the development trend of non-ferrous metal industry in 2021 can be described as "jubilant". "From January to November 2021, the output of 10 kinds of common non-ferrous metals reached 59.107 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 6.3%. The total investment in fixed assets increased by 6.9% year-on-year. The profits of non-ferrous metal enterprises above Designated Size reached 341.01 billion yuan."


Yunnan reshapes the advantages of Nonferrous Metals Industry

2022-01-19 11:25

Since the launch of the major science and technology project of "rare and precious metal material genetic engineering" in 2018, Yunnan Province has broken through a number of advanced technologies of material genetic engineering and developed a number of rare and precious metal new material products, of which more than 10 products have realized industrialization or iterative upgrading, supporting the leapfrog innovative development of Yunnan rare and precious metal new material industry.